• Dave Brown

    Dave Brown

The Mighty Boosh is an award winning British comedy show created and written by comedians Noel Fielding and Julian Barratt. Also starring regular cast members Rich Fulcher, Mike Fielding and Dave Brown.

Developed from 3 stage shows appearing at Edinburgh & Melbourne Comedy Festivals, The Boosh has since produced a 6 episode radio series, 3 television series (a total of 20 television episodes) for the BBC, which have aired worldwide and 2 sell out live tours of the UK, as well as performing exclusive live shows in the United States and Australia at comedy festivals in Sydney and Melbourne.

Dave Brown has been part of The Mighty Boosh since its conception in the late 90s. Over the years he has been involved in many aspects of the show from designing The Mighty book of Boosh, their tour posters, DVD’s, set graphics, merchandise to choreography, music and playing many characters in the show itself, most famously Bollo, the Gorilla but also other bit parts like Naan bread and black frost.

Dave’s also had a camera in his hand from day 1 of the shows inception. These photographs of his fellow cast members and good friends span over 20 years. Photographs from early live gigs, filming the TV shows and behind the scenes whilst on tour. They provide a unique insight into the lives and characters of The Mighty Boosh creative collective.

Dave is alone in his photographic documentation of the show. He has reduced his extensive archive to some of his personal favourites.


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